Sunday, April 28, 2013

NASA cancels "Bring your child to work day"

By Tim Drake ( @timdrake )

Houston- 9:44 AM

It comes with great sadness that we must cancel a 43 year tradition of "Bring your child to work day" here at NASA. We haven't had an issue with children coming to our headquarters with their parents since April of 1970, when a child's sticky fingers led to the Apollo 13 disaster. Luckily we were able to get those brave men home safely. However, after this last weeks bring your child to work day, we have to cancel it once again. We seemed to have encountered a problem with one of the children in the Mars Curiosity Lab.

As you can see, one of our head lab technicians allowed his child to drive Mars Curiosity around the great Red Planet. There didn't seem to be any harm in allowing him to drive it. It's not much different then driving an RC Car. Sometimes when things are going slow around here we will actually race Curiosity around Mars. However, this time it appears there has been a problem. Little Jimmy felt the need to leave his mark on the red surface with a drawing of what appears to be a penis. As the 1992 Best Selling book taught us, Men are from Mars. Little Jimmy has now made sure that this fact was confirmed. Little Jimmy has been disciplined, and we are sure that he has learned his lesson. 

After the Apollo 13 disaster, and now the penis on Mars disaster, we sadly have to end the "Bring your child to work" program. Maybe we will bring it back someday, but with out luck will probably draw a black hole on Uranus. We just can't risk that ridicule. We appreciate your participation in this program. We will not be answering questions for the press today. We have no clue how we are going to handle this problem. Thank you for attending today. 

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Monday, April 8, 2013

Jurassic Park is back!

Jurassic Park finally returned to theaters this weekend. Jordan and I went to see it right away. We've always been a fan of dinosaurs. We noticed in this new 3D edition, there were a few changes. Did anybody else catch this change?