Friday, August 26, 2016

Marvel's 'Runaways' Announced on Hulu

Marvel and Hulu have joined forces, expanding the Marvel Universe to create the pilot and full season of the comic series "Runaways".  Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, creators of 'Gossip Girl' will be overseeing the creation of the show. The show is projected to follow the series created by Brian K. Vaughn & Adrian Alphona.

'Runaways' follows six teenagers who will have to get over their differences to fight the most unsuspecting enemy... their evil parents. 

Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Ultimate Super Mario Brothers Corn Maze

It's almost that time of year again. Where pumpkin spice dominates every white girls life and weekend corn mazes are the go to activity. A farmer in New York made the ultimate corn maze this year, a Super Mario Corn Maze!

The Stoughton Farm in Upstate New York are the creators of this 8-acre corn maze, which typically brings in over 10,000 people a year! Once the theme for the maze is picked, the Stoughton's have a company in Utah design the maze which is then created by the Stoughton's and their employees. It's quite the extensive process, but the outcome is amazing!

We absolutely love this Super Mario maze! I wish that we could make it to Upstate New York to check it out in person. 

If you go see the maze, tweet us your picture to @onthemicpodcast we would love to see it! 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

President Obama: I'm Taking a Gap Year

Tim's newest satire article "President Obama: I'm Taking a Gap Year" is now up on Robot Butt! Go check it out and share it with your friends. Read on the link below.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The CW orders The Lost Boys TV show

It's been almost 30 years since we were first introduced to Joel Shumacher's cult classic film, "The Lost Boys", and thanks to The CW, we're getting more!

Last week Deadline reported that Rob Thomas, not the Matchbox 20 guy, the awesome "Veronica Mars" & "iZombie" guy, would be bringing the show to life. 

The new adaptation of the show is being planned to have a seven season run, spanning 70 years, with each season covering 10 years. As the world will change around our vampire Lost Boys, they of course will stay the same, exploring what it's like to be immortal. 

No word yet on when "The Lost Boys" TV show will air, but we can't wait for the announcement! 

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Mike Birbiglia's 'Don't Think Twice" is a hilarious, brilliant, and heartfelt journey

When I first saw the trailer for "Don't Think Twice" before it's premier at the Tribeca Film Festival, I knew that this film was meant for me. As many of you know, I have a great passion for improv and sketch comedy as I've spent the last year and half studying with Second City, and have taken a few intensive classes with The Groundlings.

A few years ago I auditioned for, and made my college improv team. Unfortunately, that team fell apart. I've watched friends in music, film and comedy continue to soar and become household names, and it's amazing! I root for them every day and I'm always thrilled to see them succeed. Parts of this film were like watching parts of my own life unfold. The best part about the way it spoke to me, was the way that it truly inspired me.

"Don't Think Twice" follows the improv team, The Commune, made up of characters played by Mike Birbiglia, Keegan-Michael Key, Gillian Jacobs, Kate Miccuci, Chris Gethard, and Tami Sagher. The Commune is one of the best improv groups in New York City. Problems arise for the group when they find out that their theater is being sold for another development to take over.

While the group struggles to find a new theater option, two of the cast members are selected to audition for the late night sketch show, Weekend Tonight. This shakes up the group as some feel betrayed and overlooked, while others feel a sense of loss at what this means for them as improvisers. The group begins to feel the pressure and come to grips if it's time for them to keep going or hang up their dreams and move on for good. 

"Don't Think Twice" is an absolutely brilliant film. Mike Birbiglia truly captured the human experience of going through self discovery while still holding onto your dreams. The film is hilarious and will keep you laughing all throughout. So many moments of the film felt personal, and overall inspiring to me. I don't think it's possible for to have loved this film more than I did. "Don't Think Twice" is easily one of the bet films this year.

Watch the trailer for "Don't Think Twice" below

"Don't Think Twice" opened July 22nd in select theaters, and is now playing in 100 theaters nationwide.

Don't miss your opportunity to see this film. Visit the site below for a theater near you. 

A Tribute and Thank You to The Nightly Show w/ Larry Wilmore

We started this week with the sad news that The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore had been cancelled by Comedy Central. This news was honestly hard for me to wrap my brain around. I understand that Comedy Central states it was purely a business decision and the numbers just weren't there. Sadly, that's how the industry works. However, I don't feel that the Nightly Show team ever received the proper recognition they deserve.

Since the show first aired in January of 2015, Wilmore and his incredible staff or writers and panelists have challenged some of the toughest topics and critics with intelligent humor and sharp whit. Keeping it 100 was not only a closing segment for Larry, but a challenge to all of us to always Keep it 100. 

I've heard critics cry foul that the show was too heavy on topics of race, but guess what critics, it's actually a serious issue. You were more concerned about feeling uncomfortable then actually listening to what they had to say. Sure, it's a show on Comedy Central and maybe you don't think such serious topics belong on a comedy show, but honestly, that's one of the best places to attack them. Why hold uncomfortable topics precious and secure? A comedy show is the perfect place to strip down the serious nature and reflect on the absurdity and anger of why we're even having the discussion in the first place. That's how satire is born. The satire The Nightly Show offered was excellent and drove their point of view home. 

The writers/panelists on the show: Rory Albanese, Robin Thede, Mike Yard, Franchesca Ramsey, Ricky Velez, Grace Parra, Holly Walker, and Jordan Carlos were some of the best. There were also many writers and crew members that behind the scenes made this show incredible as well. This show will truly be missed.

I also have to say Thanks for making me feel a part of the show for a night, Larry. Nothing made my day more than being able to make you guys laugh with my Keep It 100. 

Thank You, Nightly Show!

I can't wait to see what you guys do next! 

Friday, August 19, 2016

A Day To Remember Releases Their New Single, "Naivety"

A Day To Remember just released another single from their upcoming album, Bad Vibrations, that is due to be released on Sept. 2. I've been a fan of A Day To Remember for years and I'm definitely looking forward to this new album. These guys have always rocked and their new stuff will not let you down!

You can currently catch A Day To Remember on tour with Blink-182! I'm really looking forward to finally seeing both of these bands live again. 

Check out the lyric video for the new single "Naivety" below!

Side note:  Listen to the song "Bullfight" as well. So far, it's my favorite out of the 4 new singles they've released from the new album 

If you want to pre-order Bad Vibrations, head over to A Day To Remember's website HERE

Listen and Enjoy! 

Hamilton meets Drunk History in the Season 4 trailer

At San Diego Comic-Con, Derek Waters broke the news that one of the upcoming episodes featured Hamilton mastermind, Lin-Manuel Miranda giving us the drunk version of Hamilton!

Yesterday the teaser trailer dropped for the upcoming 4th Season of the Emmy nominated show featuring some incredible drunk narrators, such as Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jenny Slate, Paget Brewster, and Allan McLeod, and actors including Mae Whitman, Thomas Middleditch, Patton Oswalt, Ed Helms, Michael Cera, Rachel Bilson, Tony Hale, and Rob Riggle. 

Check out the Season 4 Trailer below!

The Hamilton episode of Drunk History will premiere November 29th on Comedy Central. 

Season 4 Premieres September 27th

Netflix gives us our first look at Season 3 of Black Mirror

"Black Mirror" fans rejoice! Netflix has given us a sneak peek of highly anticipated Season 3 with some new photos! 

These new photos arrive just two months ahead of the October premiere at the Toronto Film Festival.

Each of the photos come from two episodes, featuring Bryce Dallas Howard, Gug Mbatha-Raw, and Mackenzie Davis. I'm really intrigued to see what's in store by looking at two of the pictures with the 80's theme from the new episode, "San Junipero". The other two pictures featuring Bryce Dallas Howard both come from the episode "Nosedive".

"Black Mirror" returns to Netflix October 21st. We can't wait!

See the new pictures below

Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Star Wars Cantina is coming to Hollywood

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to kick back, have a drink, and enjoy some music from Figrin D' and the Modal Nodes in the Mos Eisley Cantina from Star Wars? You dreams can finally come true in the Scum and Villainy Cantina coming soon to Hollywood!

There is not an announced date on when the pop-up Cantina will be opening, but their website and Facebook page show that reservations are coming soon. 

With each reservation, you will receive two drinks of your choice, a souvenir pint glass, Scum and Villainy challenge coin, a few extra surprises, and two hours of the most immersive galactic scenery this far into the outer-rim.

We are so excited to check our the Scum and Villany Cantina while we are in Los Angeles in September. 

We will let you know as soon as reservations are available. Check out their website below for more info. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Episode 76 - Quinci Staker



On today's episode of the podcast, I have actress and podcaster Quinci Staker!

I've had the chance to work with Quinci on the "In Movie Nerds We Trust" podcast that she co-hosts with Christopher James, but hadn't had a chance to really talk with her about her acting career and podcasting. Quinci and I have also worked on a few of the same films but have never actually been on set together. 

Quinci on set

It was great to sit down with Quinci and talk with her about her acting background, how she got started in acting, what inspired her to start, childhood school plays, getting into films, co-hosting "In Movie Nerds We Trust", our mutual dislike for "Suicide Squad" and so much more. 

A huge Thanks to Quinci for taking the time to join me on the podcast. Make sure to follow her on all of the social media links below so you know when and where to find the films that she is part of. Also, make sure to listen to her co-host "In Movie Nerds We Trust" weekly with our good friend, Christopher James. 

Thanks, Quinci! 

Enjoy the episode!




Stranger Things on Netflix is a Must See

Embarking on an unbelievable adventure that gets… well, stranger as the story unravels. The Netflix original series Stranger Things leads us on a journey that swirls your curiosity and emotions in a blender of beautiful satisfaction. 

This show is a must see! It fulfills the childhood wanderlust as well as stretches the imagination. If you have not watched this show yet, do it! We can’t wait for more. After all, who doesn’t enjoy childhood superpowers, monsters, and a perilous journey to the unknown? We sure do!

Check out 'Stranger Things' on Netflix today! 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Mr. Robot renewed for Season 3

The second season of the hit USA Network show, Mr. Robot, is only half way through the second season, but today the news broke that they have already been renewed for Season 3!

Mr. Robot has become one of the hottest drama's on television and easily one my favorite new shows. It's not really a surprise to see it picked up for a third season, given the fact that they recently picked up 6 Emmy nominations and won 2 Golden Globes last year. 

Mr. Robot is a story that follows Elliot (Rami Malek), a computer hacker that launches a cyber attack through his hacker group, fsociety, against the multi-national company E-Corp, or as Elliot calls them, Evil Corp. 

Mr. Robot continues to get more and more intense by the episode. Just when you think you know the direction the story is going go, they throw you a major curve ball. If you aren't already watching Mr. Robot, get your life together and start watching! 

Mr. Robot airs Wednesday's on the USA Network at 10/9c

Pennywise from Stephen King's IT gets a new costume, and we love it!

When it was first announced that Stephen King's IT was going through the Hollywood remake machine, all of us were a little nervous about how they would approach a film that we loved. However, after seeing the new Pennywise costume today, we love the direction they're taking!

IT was the movie nightmares were made of when I was a kid, and it looks like they're seeking a whole new generation to give nightmares to. I must say, applaud them for doing so. 

Bill Skarsgard is taking on the role of the evil clown that feeds on the fears of children in this terrifying remake. The costume was designed by Emmy winning costume designer, Janie Bryant, best known for her work on 'Deadwood' & 'Mad Men'

IT comes to theaters September 8, 2017. 

We can't wait! 

Saturday, August 13, 2016

'Rocko's Modern Life' is coming back as a TV Movie!

Nickelodeon continues to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Nicktoons this year, and on Thursday they announced 'Rocko's Modern Life' would be returning for a TV movie!

Nickelodeon stated they will release a one hour TV special, bringing back all of our favorite characters from O-Town!

More news will still be coming as far as the cast and the expected air date for the special, but either way, we are just happy to know it's in the works. 

By the way, Nickelodeon, if you want to bring us more Ren and Stimpy, we would totally be OK with that as well!

Neon Trees singer Tyler Glenn releases new single and announces solo album

Neon Trees lead singer, and former On the Mic Podcast guest, Tyler Glenn released his second, and much anticipated solo single "Shameless" yesterday!

On Instagram Tyler also announced his upcoming solo album, "Excommunication" that will be out October 21st!

We've always loved Tyler Glenn and fully support his work whether solo or with Neon Trees. We can't wait to hear "Excommunication" in it's entirety this October!

Pick up "Shameless" on iTunes today! 

Donald Glover's new FX show, "Atlanta" releases the first trailer

If you've missed seeing Donald Glover on TV as much as we have, then you're probably just as excited to see the new trailer for his FX show, "Atlanta".

"Atlanta" follows the story of a fictional rapper, Paperboy, with Donald Glover's character "Ernest" playing Paperboy's cousin and music manager. The show also follows Ernest as he navigates his cousins career while trying to gain a unique look at life in Atlanta.

"Atlanta" was written and created by Donald Glover, and was deemed as one of Rolling Stone's, Most Anticipated Shows of 2016. Check out FX's Official Trailer for "Atlanta" below.

We've all grown to love Glover's work in "Community", as well as his rap career as Childish Gambino, and really can't wait to see everything that "Atlanta" has to offer.

"Atlanta" premiers on FX on September 6th 

Friday, August 12, 2016

'Shrikage' by Rob Kutner

A few weeks ago, we were joined by writer Rob Kutner on our show at San Diego Comic-Con. While Rob is best known for his work on Conan and The Daily Show, we wanted to make sure that all of you had access to his hilarious comic, 'SHRINKAGE'.

"SHRINKAGE" is a comedy comic, the follows the President of the United States, whose brain has been taken over by aliens that are trying to take over the world. 

We have absolutely loved reading "SHRINKAGE", and know that you will as well. Rob explained his fascination the brain and the process of creating the comic on Episode 73 of the podcast. 

The comic is available through the digital platform, Farrago Comics, which is a FREE comic app! Download the app below, and start reading "SHRINKAGE" today!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

A new Rouge One Trailer is here!

Rouge One: A Star Wars Story is still a few months away, and we can't get enough of these teaser trailers. A new trailer was released tonight. Tell us what you think!

Check out the new trailer below!

Rouge One: A Star Wars Story hits theaters December 18th!

Green Day releases their new song, "Bang Bang" and announces new album

Green Day is back with a vengeance in their new song, "Bang Bang"

The punk rock trio debuted the song today, and announced their new album, "Revolution Radio", which is a mix of songs reflecting on the chaotic state of America in 2016. Check out the lyric video for "Bang Bang" below!

We're thrilled to have a new Green Day album on the way and absolutely love "Bang Bang". What do you think of the new song?

"Revolution Radio" is slated for release on Friday, October 7th. Pre-Order it now! 

Episode 75 - Alex Oshmyansky


On today's episode of the podcast, I have doctor and filmmaker, Alex Oshmyansky!

I was incredibly intrigued by Alex's story as he's gone from Doctor to filmmaker, creating the world's first virtual reality feature length film. Alex was on the show today to talk about his debut film, "Career Opportunites in Organized Crime", but before I could talk to him about the film, we had to talk with him about his backstory. 

On the set of "Career Opportunities in Organized Crime"

Alex has such an incredible story before he even made the jump into filmmaking. Alex graduated college at the age of 18, Earned a PHd in Mathematics, went on to Medical School at Duke, and then did his residency at Harvard Medical School and John Hopkins University. 

I talked with Alex about graduating at 18, what the experience was like to be so young finishing college, missing out on the normal high school & college experience, getting into film, what goes into making a VR film and so much more.

A huge Thanks to Alex Oshmyansky for taking the time out of his incredibly busy schedule to talk with us about "Career Opportunities in Organized Crime". The film goes live on Wednesday, August 31st on for iOS, Android, and on your desktop. I am really excited to finally see this film and get the full VR experience with it. Make sure to check it out and follow Alex on the links available on 

Thanks, Alex! 

Enjoy the episode!



Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Star Wars: The Force Awakens 3D Collectors Edition is coming! announced the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens 3D Collectors Edition is finally coming!

The special 4-disc collectors edition will be released November 15th in the US! According to, the set contains the film’s original theatrical release on Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray, Digital HD, and DVD, along with originally released bonus features and brand-new bonus material, including additional deleted scenes, behind-the-scenes conversations with cast and crew, and revealing, never-before released audio commentary by director J.J. Abrams. 

It's not like we need another excuse to buy more Star Wars stuff, but this collectors edition sounds awesome!

Stay tuned to the show and the website as we release more info as it becomes available. 

You can also visit for further details. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Festival Supreme 2016 Lineup Announced

This year's Festival Supreme lineup was announced today, and it is just as amazing as always!

This is the 4th Annual Festival Supreme, presented to us from Jack Black and Kyle Glass of Tenacious D. The festival returns to the Shrine Expo Hall & Grounds, October 29th in Los Angeles. 

This years shows features so many great acts including: Flight of the Conchords, "Weird Al" Yankovic, Patton Oswalt, Sarah Silverman, Will Forte, Fred Armisen, and so many more! 

Hurry and get your tickets before they're gone. 

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Is a Star Wars TV show in the works at ABC?

Big news for Star Wars fans! During the Television Critics Association semi-annual press tour this week, ABC's Entertainment President, Channing Dungey suggested a Star Wars TV show could be a possibility since Disney acquired the franchise in 2012. 

According to Entertainment Weekly, Dungey is not only interested in the idea, but have actually been in talks trying to make it a reality. Dungey stated:

“Oh, as a fan, I would absolutely love to say ‘Yes,’” she said. “The conversations with Lucas, we have had conversations with them and will continue to have conversations with them. I think it would be wonderful if we could find a way to extend that brand into our programming.”
(via Entertainment Weekly)

All of us here at On the Mic are huge Star Wars fans, and the idea of a continual expanding Star Wars Universe is just music to our ears. Disney has already had great success with Star Wars Rebels, so there's not any reason to think that a potential live action Star Wars TV show wouldn't be a success as well. Let's keep our fingers crossed that this becomes a reality.

USA Network Renews 'Suits' for a Seventh Season

I may be a full season behind on USA networks hit show, 'Suits', but I couldn't be happier to hear that the show has already been renewed for a seventh season.

This news comes as the show is only four episodes into the sixth season, which started back on July 13th. 'Suits' is currently USA networks longest-running drama, and we hope it remains that way for many years to come. Congrats to the cast and crew of 'Suits'!

Looks like I need to spend a weekend binge watching and catching up on the show.

'Suits' airs Wednesdays at 9PM on USA. 

The Duplass Brothers are bringing a new comedy anthology to HBO

Earlier this year I was bummed out when HBO cancelled the Duplass Brothers show, "Togetherness", but it looks like the network isn't ready to let the Duplass Brothers go just yet!

Earlier this week, HBO greenlit the Duplass' newest comedy venture, "Room 104", which is slated for a 2017 release. 

The new series is an anthology comedy series set in one hotel room, hence the name "Room 104", that tells the story of a variety of characters passing through the room in each episode. 

In a statement on Thursday, the Duplass brother stated: 

“We’ve all seen stories set in seedy motels and high-class international resorts, but for years we’ve been fascinated by the funny, weird, sad, scary, absurd things going down in that corporate chain hotel near the airport. That’s what ‘Room 104’ is after… finding some magic in the seemingly mundane.” (via Variety)

I've always been a big fan of the Duplass Brothers work and always look forward to randomly bumping into them at Sundance. Along with "Room 104", the Duplass Brothers are also Executive Producers on HBO's animated show, "Animals".  

We can't wait to see "Room 104" in 2017!

Friday, August 5, 2016

James Corden and Denis Leary have a musical message for Donald Trump

James Corden and Denis Leary donned their wigs and pant suits as Bill and Hillary Clinton for a rendition of Leary's song, "Asshole". The performance on Wednesday's "The Late Late Show" took aim at the Republican front runner, and bloated Oompa Loompa scrotum, Donald Trump.

Corden and Leary took went after Trump's politically-incorrect and extreme policies in the song, with the chorus reminding us, "Trump's an asshole, he's an asshole, what an asshole". 

Nice work, James and Denis!

Enjoy the video from "The Late Late Show with James Corden" below. 

Yellowcard embarks on farewell tour with final album release

Yellowcard has been a part of so many of our lives, for so many years, and we are sad to see them take their final bow.

Yellowcard released the following statement on their website last month:

Story comes via

"Putting this into words hasn't been easy. When saying farewell, it is hard to know where to start, especially when there are so many reasons not to say it, but the time has come to share this news. After countless discussions and months of thought, we have decided that it is time for Yellowcard to come to an end. This will be our last album and our final world tour.
The decision was an incredibly difficult one for us to make. We considered so many things - our families, our health, our future endeavors. In the end we realized that this was the right time to step away and preserve the legacy and integrity of the band. It is with you, the fans in mind, that this decision was made, We wanted to have the chance to share our farewell with as many fans around the world as we could, and now is the right time to do just that
We went into this record knowing it would be the last, which is why we chose to have Ryan Key and Ryan Mendez produce it. The motivation behind this was to make sure these songs came from a place that was deeply rooted in us. We wanted to push ourselves to create a lasting finale for this incredible story on our own. It is also why we chose to self-title the album. We were lucky to still have our friend and mentor, Neal Avron, on board as Executive Producer and mixer and we've made one of the strongest records of our career and a fitting final creative piece.
Once this final chapter for Yellowcard comes to a close, we will all be heading in new directions in our lives, but these memories will never leave us. We can only hope that the memories we have made together with you will stay in your hearts as well You have stood by us through all of the highs and lows on this unbelievable journey.
We will be forever grateful to Yellowcard fans all over the world for the opportunities you have given us. We have played shows for nearly two decades on six continents, and had the chance to keep recording the music we love year after year. While it is with sadness that we say goodbye, it is with gratitude and amazement that we look back on a career we can be proud of, and were so very lucky to have had.
Please come and join us on our last trip around the globe. We hope to share this final record and tour with each and every one of you.
"I won't be with you, but I won't be far away and this is goodbye."
-Ryan, Sean, Ryan, and Josh
Yellowcard's final album, which is self-titled, will be released on September 30, 2016.  Here is the video for their first single, 'Rest in Peace'. 

While Yellowcard has been on this summers Van's Warped Tour, their farewell tour kicks off October 6th in San Antonio, Texas.  See the full tour dates below:

For more information on Yellowcard's final album and tour, visit their Official Website HERE

Panic! At The Disco covers Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" for the Suicide Squad soundtrack and it's awesome!

The highly anticipated DC film, 'Suicide Squad' hit theaters today, and while critics and fans alike have had their issues with the film, the soundtrack is giving fans another reason to enjoy it. Panic! At the Disco recently released their new cover for the soundtrack, Queen's song "Bohemian Rhapsody".

I had the chance to see Panic! perform with Weezer last week, and they took the time to wow the crowd with this cover. I always get nervous when I see a band cover such a legendary song and band, but Panic! did an incredible job. Check out the new video of their live performance!

Pick up the Suicide Squad Soundtrack NOW on iTunes

Tim announced as a guest and panelist for Salt Lake Comic Con 2016

Last night, Tim was officially announced as a returning guest and panelist for Salt Lake Comic Con this year!

This is Tim's third year with Salt Lake Comic-Con, and he is excited to be returning and joining his fellow panelists.Tim will also be joined by Christopher James, Jesse Knight and other specials guests TBA, as they record an episode at the convention.  

While official schedules have not yet been announced, we will have all of the information on the site, as well as our social media pages as it becomes available. 

For more information and to buy tickets to Salt Lake Comic Con, visit their official site HERE