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Episode 85 - Festival Supreme



On today's episode of the podcast, I sat down with Christopher James to talk about the incredible time I had covering this year's Festival Supereme!

I've always wanted to attend Festival Supreme and the show lived up to everything, and so much more than I expected. For those of you that aren't familiar with Festival Supreme, it's a comedy and musical festival put on by none other than Tenacious D! This year's theme for the festival was "The Final Frontier". Festival Supreme is usually scheduled to around Halloween and festival goers are encourgaed to dress up and come in costume to the festival. It made the festival that much more intersting and fun having so many festival goers dressed up. 

Sadly, Christopher didn't get to attend the show with me, but he got to enjoy the show vicariously through my Snapchat and Instagram. To say the least, he hated me for at least the eight hours I was at the show. 

The Shrine Auditorium

As I arrived at the Shrine Auditorium, the line wrapped around the block, full of fans dressed in some incredible costumes. Tenacious D intentionally schedules the show close to Halloween and encourages all of the fans to dress up. It made the experience of Festival Supreme that much more fun. 

Welcome to Festival Supreme

As I entered the Expo Hall, I first walked into the "Space Disco" Performance area. This was the all day dance floor, featuring an incredible DJ performance by Tenacious DJ. A lot of people were skeptical of Tenacious D's attempt at a DJ performance, but as Jack and Kyle took the stage in Space Suits, the fans were immediately onboard. 

The Welcome DJ set

Jack and Kyle take the stage
(picture courtesy of

FUFOBB featuring Kyle Newacheck

The first band I went to check out was FUFOBB featuring Kyle Newacheck of Workaholics. I was of course familiar with Kyle's work on Workaholics, but I was not familiar with FUFOBB. I ended up really enjoying their set. Their band was incredible and they were really entertaining. The crowd was small since the doors for Festival Supreme had just opened, but that didn't keep FUFOBB from playing an excellent set. If you're wondering what FUFOBB means, the band got the small crowd chanting "Fade Up, Fade Out, Bye Bye" as they wrapped up their set. I haven't been able to find an album for the band, but hopefully they will be putting out some music soon. I also ran into Blake Anderson of Workaholics following FUFOBB set. It was great to see Blake again!

Tim and Blake Anderson at Festival Supreme

Following FUFOBB, one of my favorite comedy bands, made up of two of my favorite comedy actresses, Garfunkle and Oats took the stage! 

Riki Lindhome and Kate Micucci of Garfunkle and Oats

I have always wanted to see Garfunkle and Oats perform live, and they did not let me down. The crowd was still small since people were still entering the festival, but it was the perfect size. Even though their set was short, I was glad that they played "The Loophole", which is one of their funniest songs in my opinion. Even with the short festival set, Garfunkle and Oats surpassed the expecations I had built up for them. The crowd loved them as well, and I really hope I get to see them perform again soon.

While waiting for the next band to set up, Riki and Kate wandered out to the crowd area with another special guest, "Weird Al" Yankovic! I was excited to finally meet "Weird Al" and really hope I didn't come across like a total jack ass fanboy meeting one of my heroes. "Weird Al" was incredibly nice and talked with me for a fwe minutes before being taken back to watch the next band. 

Tim and "Weird Al" Yankovic at Festival Supreme

The next band up was the Music of Wet Hot America Summer. Another act that I really didn't know what to expect, but the music was excellent and the apperances from the cast of Wet Hot American Summer made it incredible. 

The Music of Wet Hot American Summer

Marguerie Moreau takes the stage while David Wain dances in the background

Ken Marino performs with the band

Joe Lo Truglio performing with the band

David Wain and his son during the final song from the band

Joe Lo Truglio, Michael Showalter & Marguerite Moreau sing together during the final song

After the Music of Wet Hot American Summer came to an end, I had the chance to talk with Joe Lo Truglio and Ken Marino for a few minutes. I've been a huge fan of their work both in Wet Hot American Summer, and their current projects as well. 

Tim and Joe Lo Truglio at Festival Supreme

Tim and Ken Marino at Festival Supreme

It was great to meet both of them and the band made we want to go back and watch Wet Hot American Summer all over again. Looks like I know what I'm doing with the rest of my weekend. 

After the Music of Wet Hot American Summer, the stage was covered in tarps to prepare for the next act, Eric Andre Show LIVE. I personally like Eric Andre, but his show really isn't my thing. A lot of his show is what many would consider "shock humor" and I really don't care for it. Nothing against Eric Andre, but the show just isn't my taste. That being said, the intro to his show was pretty funny. Eric took the stage throwin milk, lettuce, sauce, hot dogs and more at the crowd. The crowd loved it! 

Eric Andre throwing lettuce at the crowd

Eric Andre before jumping into the crowd

This is the look Eric Andre gives you before he throws a box of hot dogs at you.

I decided to check out more of the festival during the rest of Eric Andre's show to see what the fans not watching the show were doing. The festival had a lot to do with great food, several small cash bars, a fun slide, gravity ride, and David Bowie face painting. 

The Fun Slide

The Zero Gravity ride

David Bowie Face Painting

After checking things out around the festival and picking up some merchandise, I found my way back to the stage to check out Fred Armisen. Fred was performing as his fake Talking Heads band, Test Pattern. Test Pattern also features Fred's fellow Saturday Night Live alums Bill Hader & Maya Rudolph. Fred took the stage solo while bringing out Bill and Maya after each song. 

Fred Armisen takes the stage

Fred Armisen and Bill Hader

Maya Rudolph takes the stage

Bill gets uncomfortable as Fred calls him out before a song

Fred Armisen, Bill Hader, and Maya Rudolph pefroming as Test Pattern

After Fred's set, I found my way inside to the "Crab Nebula Stage" where all of the stand up was taking place. The first comic to take the stage was Maya Rudolph. While I was waiting for Maya to take the stage, I ended up running into Fred Armisen. 

Tim and Fred Armisen at Festival Supreme

It was incredible to meet Fred and have a chance to talk comedy and music with him. He was so genuine and actually cared to talk with me about my career. This was definitely one of the highlights of the festival for me! 

Maya finally took the stage in character as Patti Lapone. He set was absolutely hilarious. I was excited to finally get a chance to see her perform live. She started her set upset that she was supposed to be at a tree lighting ceremony and became upset that it fell through. She then attempted to sing "Winter Wonderland", where she forgot the lyrics halfway through and went with "Lady Marmalade" instead. Her set was hilarious! It was great to finally se her perform. 

Tim Heidecker was next to take the stage. I really enjoy a lot of Tim's work, but honestly didn't care for his stand up set. The crowd loved it, but it really just wasn't my thing. 

Some of you I'm sure are wondering when I'm going to get to The Vandals performance. Having seen The Vandals perform several times before, I chose to stick with the standup stage instead during their performance. 

Jenny Slate took the stage following Tim Heidecker. Jenny is another comic that I've always wanted to see perform live. I've always loved her work, especially her role in Parks and Rec. Jenny put on an incredible show and kept the crowd laughing from the moment she took the stage letting everybody know she already had "99 beers and a lot of diarrhea".

Following Jenny's set was another performance I was really looking forward to, which was Will Forte! I've always been a huge fan of Will's and it was great to finally get a chance to see him. 

(Picture courtesy of

Finally the moment I had been waiting for, "Weird Al" was set to take the stage! This was my first time getting to see "Weird Al" put on a full show. He opened the show on the accordian with Now That's What I Call Polka!

Waiting for "Weird Al" to take the stage

"Weird Al" playing the accordion

"Weird Al" performing hit hit song, Foil


"Weird Al" performing Fat

 As "Weird Al" came to a close, I ran back to the standup stage to see some of Patton Oswalt's set. I've always loved Patton and was excited to see him peform again. Jack Black took the stage to introduce Patton, and the crowd gave Patton a standing ovation as he took the stage.

(Picture courtesy of

(Picture courtesy of

As Patton's set finished, the main stage was prepped for the headlining band, another band that I have always wanted to see, Flight of the Conchords!

A huge Thank You to Festival Supreme and Tenacious D for letting me be a part of this year's festival! I had such an incredible time and can't wait to return next year. If you've never had a change to attend Festival Supreme, I would highly encourage you to find a way to attend some time. It's not something you will want to miss out on. 

Thanks, Festival Supreme! 

Enjoy the episode! 




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