Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Where's the LIVE SDCC show?

 Hi everybody! SDCC Update!

I have received a number of messages in regard to our LIVE show from San Diego Comic-Con this year with guest Shane Hartline. Unfortunately, there was an audio issue and none of the show was recorded. We are absolutely heartbroken and frustrated to find out after the show that none of it was recording. We saw the numbers rolling when the show started and have no idea how it managed to not record. 

Tim, Shane, and Alex post panel at SDCC

That being said, Shane has agreed to come back on the podcast in the near future so we can still release that episode. We are in the final stages of Post Production on Bundy Manor and Shane has a number of projects in the works as well, but as soon as we are able to we will record with him again. 

Tim, Alex, and Shane during the LIVE show

A huge Thank You to Shane Hartline and Alex Watson who took the time to drive down from Los Angeles to record the show today. Hopefully we can have this episode out soon!

Thank you for your patience and thank you to those who joined us for the LIVE show in San Diego!

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