Thursday, June 22, 2017

Conan returns to San Diego Comic-Con with new shows and Funko Pops

Conan O'Brien officially announced his shows return to San Diego Comic-Con this year!

Conan has been one of the hardest tickets to get at SDCC, and this year won't be any different. At each Conan show guests will be given one of the San Diego exclusive Funko Pops! Here are your first looks at this year's Pop Figures. 

Spider-Man Conan

Jedi Conan

Flash Conan

White Walker Conan

Mono Conan
(Mono Conan will not be given out at shows, but randomly throughout the convention)

We are so excited to see Conan return to the Spreckles Theater this year. Tickets for Conan at Comic-Con will open up THIS FRIDAY and they will go fast. 

See you soon, Team Coco! 

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