Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Jeff Sessions Finally Freed From The Trump Administration After Accidentally Being Given A Sock.

Jeff Sessions clings to his socks moments after being set free

Washington D.C.  – Jeff Sessions has finally been freed from the Trump Administration after accidentally being given a sock. For the last two years, diligent house-elf Jefferson Beauregard Sessions served the Trump house with great loyalty. Despite harsh criticism from Master Trump, and surviving many vicious Twitter lashings, Jefferson stood by his angry master. Trump often demand that Jefferson punish himself any time he did something disagreeable to him. "Jefferson is used to death threats, sir. Jefferson gets them five times a day at home." stated Sessions. The threats came to an end today though when Trump accidentally gave Sessions a sock attached to his termination papers. With tears in his eye, Jefferson exclaimed, "Master has presented Jefferson with clothes! Jefferson is free!"

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