Thursday, January 19, 2023

Sundance Film Festival Coverage - DAY 1

 Today is the opening day of the Sundance Film Festival 2023 and I could not be more excited!

I am kicking off the festival this year in the Shorts Program, particularly the animated shorts. There are 8 films in this years animated block. I love that this year's app makes viewing the short films much easier, breaking them down into each block and genre and allowing you to select each film instead of just a running cut of all of them. 

First up, Maddie Brewer's film, "Burger World"

Such a fun, crazy film. I absolutely loved this! I want a feature version of this crazy film. I really want to see more from Maddie Brewer. I look forward to what she does next. 

Up next: Oxytocin

I honestly have no idea what I watched haha. I'm not saying that as a bad thing, this film was just so weird. It was described as "cash for organs and anything for love". Sure. This film wasn't for me, but there will definitely be an audience that is going to love this!

Next: Fur

This film was described as "a crush gone moldy." Such a unique animation style for honestly another kind of odd film. However, it really drew me in with the fluidity of the unique animation style and story

Next: Well Wishes My Love, Your Love

This film from Gabriel Gabriel Garble is such a beautiful film. Such a sweet story about a boy who lends his friend his prosthetic arm for the day. The animation style is so calming and inviting. I really look forward to what they do next!

Next: By Water

This film tells the story of a man's reconciliation and healing for himself and his sibling. With a mix of live action video and narrative, the animation was simplistic and warm, letting me sink into the film. Very unique and a great story. 

Next: The Sea on the Day When the Magic Returns

A beautiful, and at times tragic film of love, loss, determination, and magic. One of the few foreign films in this years animation block coming to us from South Korea. I expect to see this film on next years Oscar shortlist. 

Next: Garrano

Another foreign film in the animated block, this time coming to us from Portugal and Lithuania. While two stories intersect through this short film, it gets its name from the Garrano horse who acts as the unsung protagonist of the film. The animation in this film is absolutely stunning. Like an oil painting come to life. 

Final: Christopher at Sea

The last film in the animation block. Christopher sets out on a cargo ship to explore what it is that drives men to the sea. Another kind of strange film, riddled with jealousy, heartache, and self pity. 

That is a wrap for Day 1 of Sundance. Tomorrow I'll be diving into the first block of Live Action shorts, and possibly the second as well. 

Stay tuned! 

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