Monday, January 23, 2023

Sundance Film Festival Coverage - DAY 5

 Day 5 of the Sundance Film Festival is here!

Today we have a lot of Horror Features planned and more short films today too! 

Our first movie on the slate today: Run Rabbit Run

Holy shit! This film had me on the edge of my sear. An absolute horror/thriller gem! 

Dana Reid did such a brilliant job directing and pulling out such incredibly performances from Sarah Snook (Succession) and Lily Latorre. Hannah Kent wrote such a creepy, terrifying script. This is a must see film. One of my favorites of the festival so far!

Next up: "Air Hostess - 737

This was an incredibly strange short film that ended up working in the end. 

For me, the editing in this film is the unsung hero. While most of the air hostesses spiral is a misdirect until the final few minutes of this 16 minute film, the editors sharp cuts keep you reeling from moment to moment, and keeps you eager to see what keeps snapping us back to reality. 

Next up: "Magazine Dreams"

This movie is a heavy one. While there are some minor pacing issues, you feel every single emotion and every beat of the brutal nature of this film. 

While "Magazine Dreams" may fly under the radar long term, Jonathan Majors delivers a masterclass in acting that personally I think could earn him an Oscar nomination next year IF he's giving the chance for the film to be seen. Absolutely mind blowing performance. 

Next up: Birth/Rebirth

Interesting film, but definitely not a horror as it's labeled. Much more of a sci-fi thriller. 

This film took a lot of creativity to essentially give a while new spin on the idea put forth in Reanimator, but it was really slow and just didn't pay off for me in the end. Still an interesting watch. I believe you'll be able to find it on Shudder soon. 

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