Saturday, January 21, 2023

Sundance Film Festival Coverage - DAY 3

 Day 3 of Sundance is here!!

Today I am diving in the feature films! While I do cover everything at the festival, being a horror writer/producer myself, I do tend to focus a little bit more on those films. But don't worry, I have plenty of features that aren't horror that I will be covering. 

First up, the highly anticipated documentary, "Little Richard: I Am Everything"

I've always been a fan of Little Richard's music, but I knew very little about his life until this documentary. I am an even bigger fan now! He was fearless and played by his own rules. 

It was sad for me to see how much they tried to white wash his music by having Elvis or Pat Boone cover him because people were uncomfortable with a black queer man just rocking out on a piano. Such an educational, fascinating watch. I believe it will be coming to HBO Max soon, so keep your eyes peeled. 

Next up: "The Pod Generation"

This was a fun, intriguing film. Great performances from Emilia Clarke and Chewetel Ejiofor! 

When this film hits theaters it's going to spark some interesting debates. Overall, a fun, original concept for a sci-fi romcom. PS - Don't let romcom sour your expectations. It's not what you expect. 

These were all the features we were able to cover today. More coming tomorrow!

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