Friday, January 20, 2023

Sundance Film Festival Coverage - DAY 2

 Time for Day 2 of my coverage of the 2023 Sundance Film Festival! 

Today I am starting on the first block of the Live Action Short Films. 6 films ahead for me today! I may possibly start into the second block of Live Action Shorts today as well. Tomorrow is when I will start covering this year's feature films. For now, let's dive into the short block!

The first film I started with today is called, "Help Me Understand". 

When you watch an independent short film you don't typically expect such a stacked cast, but one has some great stars with Ken Marino, Rachel Harris, and Kate Flannery. 

"Help Me Understand" took a really creative approach to the basic concept of empathy and understanding each other. I'll be honest, I didn't see where this was going at first, but it takes you on a journey that really pays off beautifully in the end. 

My next film was called, "PARKER"

I wasn't expecting a documentary short going into this film, but it ended up being incredibly fascinating. 

The film follows three generations of a Kansas City Family as they go through the process of changing their last name. What I didn't know going into this film, is that historically, many black americans did not originally get to chose a last name due to slavery. This family finally get to use the name they wanted. 

Next up: "Sweatshop Girl"

Coming to Sundance from Mexico, the film follows a young woman working in a sweatshop who has to hide her pregnancy or lose her job. 

Absolutely stunning cinematography throughout and the the films coloring really adds to the grim reality surrounding the film. 

Next up: "Inglorious Liaisons"

This film was a lot of fun! The character designs were very creative and I love seeing filmmakers find new ways to use stop motion to tell their stories. 

Next Up: "Ricky"

Damn this film was good! By far the best of the shorts program so far. I won't be surprised if I see this on the Oscar's Short List next year. I really hope that Rashad Frett has plans for a feature. It's excellent as it is, but I want to know so much more! 

That's a wrap on Day 2! Features start tomorrow!

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